Sheepdogs IV: Be Prepared


One characteristic of sheep is that they’re unprepared for storms or disasters. Sheep flock to the store and fight over the last loaf of bread. The sheepdog already has nonperishable food, bottled water, and cash tucked away so that he can safely observe the riots on TV instead of in person.

We live in a period of abundance. But this luxury could screech to a halt at any time. It would be wise to store up during these years of plenty. You probably have money set back for emergencies, so why not food and water?

I’m not suggesting hording supplies like a crazy person. But you should be able to comfortably weather a storm without a mad dash into the fray of a panicked grocery store. Being a man means being prepared.

Being well stocked on emergency supplies doesn't make you a "prepper" any more than having a toolbox in your house makes you a mechanic.

I’ve actually heard men say that they’ve got a friend with enough food or guns for both of them. That’s how sheep think. Your family is counting on you. Hopefully, you’re not counting on a guy down the street. Don’t outsource protecting your family.

Strong dads make strong families, and strong families make a strong nation.