Take The Lead


I’ve got some bad news: You’re not the perfect leader. Neither am I.

Neither of us will probably ever lead a Fortune 500 company or a nation. We might never speak to a crowded auditorium or lead a team to a championship.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not leaders.

Too often in life men remain on the sideline because they think they don’t have what it takes. Maybe they failed once and now they listen to the voice that says they’re not good enough. They believe the lie that they have no business trying to lead others when they have already failed themselves.

The truth is that we’re only a failure if we stay on the sideline. If we learn from our past and get back in the game then we are leaders. And the world needs more good men taking the lead.

I’ve got some good news: No leader in history has been perfect. So we’re just as qualified as anyone!

Lead like you are your son’s role model of manhood. Lead like you’re teaching your daughter how a man should treat her. You are the best leader your family will ever have. Lead like it.