Your Personal Trainer


Picture yourself working out with a famous personal trainer who makes the fitness center burning hot one day and freezing cold the next, and sometimes sprays you with water while you’re exercising. He makes sure you’re either too hot or too cold and sometimes soaking wet.

It turns out we all have this demanding personal trainer. It’s called the weather.

View the weather outside as your ultimate personal trainer. Stop complaining about the weather, and you’ll start viewing it as a personal challenge. You’ll welcome the rain and snow and extreme temperatures.

Working out in front of a TV in a fitness center will burn calories, but it won’t make you tough or resilient. It certainly won’t prepare you for any real life challenges.

Start doing more of your workouts outside. Embrace running in the rain and doing push-ups in the snow. You’ve got the rest of the day to be comfy indoors, so for one hour embrace the cold, the heat, and wet, and stop complaining about having the world’s best personal trainer.