The Tradeoff

One of the best tradeoffs we can make is the one between doing something easy indoors or doing something that requires a little effort outdoors. There’s nothing inherently wrong about the easy, indoor life, but it is a guaranteed way to a dull and boring life. 

It takes a little work to break the inertia of your couch and create your own fun, but that’s where life is found. The ramen you cook over a fire when you’re on a mountain top tastes better than anything from a restaurant, and the waterfall you discover while hiking feels more refreshing than any spa.  

Some men chose the easy, comfortable life and then wonder why they are depressed. Others just get slowly lulled into the tedious existence of work, TV, sleep, and repeat only to wake up one day and realize they failed to ever truly live.

The day will come soon enough when we’re all physically unable to hike, camp, kayak and explore. So trade in what’s easy for a weekend adventure that the kids will still be talking about when you’re old and gray. Make the tradeoff while you still can.