The First Hour

“The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day.” I wonder if Henry Ward Beecher had any idea how distracted we would become one day.

Technology made our waters choppier. We’re inundated with emails, texts, social media, and news. If we don’t intentionally set our rudder on the right course, we will easily get lost at sea.

Men who have drifted off course tell their kids they don’t have time to read to them, they tell their buddies they don’t have time to workout, and they tell their wife they don't have time for a date. But these same people have time to check out the pictures on Instagram of the dessert that their college roommate’s ex-girlfriend made. And they know which celebrity just got divorced. These are men who aren’t following any course at all. They’re just going wherever the current takes them.

Wake up early enough to start your day doing what you love. Do what makes you come alive. Whether it’s reading, running, hiking, or swimming. Wake up a little earlier and set your day on the right course. Point your day (and New Year) in the direction you want it to go.