The Spiral


Ever notice how one bad decision leads to another?

When you make one bad decision – maybe you overeat pizza and wings – the next thing you know you feel terrible, so you skip working out. Then in a misguided attempt to make yourself feel good again, you grab a few beers, veg on the couch, or look at porn. The downward spiral of one bad decision breeds more bad decisions.

Fortunately, the same principle holds true for good decisions! When you get up early to work out it makes you feel good about yourself all day and that makes you want to eat healthier. This momentum motivates you to do more with your kids and take your wife out on a date. The upward spiral of one good decision breeds more good decisions.

The key is to put systems in place in your life that will arrest the fall of any downward spiral. A men’s group, a buddy, or a mentor can make your downward spirals shorter, and your upward spirals higher.

Recognize these patterns in your life and create a weekly schedule that breeds healthy decisions and accelerates you on the right spiral!