The Superpower of Success

If you had the superpower of always succeeding--failure was impossible--what would you do? If everything you put your mind to turned out to be amazing, what would you do? It’s a big question.

Would you want to be a billionaire? President of the United States? A movie star? Own a restaurant? Be a farmer? What on earth would you do with your life if you knew you would succeed?

Your answer to that question reveals what your personal definition of success is. And success is something that you’d better define for yourself. If you don’t, then others will define it for you. Maybe the world has told you that success means money for early retirement or achievement and promotion in the workplace. But maybe you’d rather own a farm and spend your days helping people. Maybe your definition of success has more to do with quality time and relationships than it does money or prestige.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with either definition of success; just make sure that it’s your definition, not somebody else’s. You don’t want to come to life’s finish line only to realize you were running somebody else’s race.