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Men need friendship. We need close, real friends in our life. It’s not just chicks that need friends to talk to – it’s all humans.

When men try to make it through life without close male buddies, they fall apart inside. They keep up the appearances on the outside, and they keep going through the motions, but they’re sad clowns who are dying inside from loneliness while their wife and kids think everything is fine.

Loneliness is an epidemic in our world, and men over 50 are killing themselves in record numbers. What we need is a buddy we can talk to about our problems, struggles, and failures. Not just golfing buddies that don’t know what’s actually going on in our life. If you’re pretending that you’ve got it all together around a buddy, then he’s just an acquaintance.

And female friends don’t count either. Sure they make great listeners that tell you everything will be ok, but they can’t relate to what you’re feeling, and they can’t call you out on your crap.

What you need – what everyman needs – is a wingman. A buddy who knows everything awful there is to know about you and likes you anyway.

My wingman for the last 25 years, Drew Richards  

My wingman for the last 25 years, Drew Richards