The Yes Man


Whenever you say yes to something you give it a piece of your time – essentially a piece of your life. You can either give your life away in small pieces to 100 trifling endeavors like an amateur, or you can be great at one or two things like a pro.

Even good, noble things will rob you of your life one little piece at a time if you let them. I love backpacking, fly fishing, deer hunting, reading, sailing, cycling, and soccer. But I can’t say yes to all of that, plus be involved in my church men’s group, and my kid’s sports, and dates with my wife. Not to mention my job. Clearly, we can’t do everything we want to do.

Every time we say yes to something we’re hooked by it. And the more hooks we have with lines going to all these things we’ve said yes to make us become puppets.

Cut ties with the old amateur you that said yes to everything. Say yes only to your top three endeavors. Say yes only to the things that you can't live without.