Versions of You


Have you ever considered how many versions of yourself there are? The work you. The family you. The business trip you. The you that only pretends to care. The secret you…

One thing is for sure – you cannot give 100% to all of those versions. And the more versions there are, the less of your best each one will get.

But just as you created them you can also destroy them. Fire the version of you that acts differently at work. Terminate the you that’s texting with that other woman. Kill the you with that "other" email account. Those versions will destroy the most important version of you – the one you want talked about at your funeral.

Cut yourself loose from those false versions that entangle you. They appear harmless and exciting at first, but they’re a deadly snare that will ultimately own you; those other versions of you will eventually become you.

Imagine the impact you’d make in life if there was only one version of you. A you that’s the exact same at work, church, and home. A you that’s running on all cylinders – your 100% best. Go “all in” on the only version of you that matters.