Waiting Outside


Every good idea I’ve had came to me outside. Einstein had his best ideas while riding his bike. Maybe it’s because we’re designed for outside.

Our minds are relaxed and loose, and free to explode with dreams and ideas when they’re released from the tyranny of smartphones and 24-hour news networks that dictate to us what we should be upset about or who we should be talking about. So many of our daily thoughts are prescribed to us by the needs of our family, the news on our phones, and demands of our jobs.

It’s only when we get alone outside, whether jogging, hiking, or just watching the sunset, that our minds are truly able to think for themselves about what we want to think about. As soon as you step back inside, you’re once again the dad or the husband or the worker. But when you walk alone on the beach or hike a trail there are no more titles, no more politics. Just your feet on the earth and your thoughts in your mind.

Our stressors are indoors. Leave them there and escape. Go outside and discover the creativity and the ideas that your mind has hidden away.

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