Start Now


Ever imagine what kind of husband you would be if your wife were paralyzed from a tragic accident? Do you imagine that you would care for her needs? Speak kindly to her? Do the extra house work without complaining? Of course you do. We men like to imagine ourselves coming through in the clutch during dire times. We’re the heroes of our stories and if our wives were crippled by a car wreck we know we’d rise to the occasion and selflessly care for them.

So why not start now? Why wait for some imaginary tragedy that is likely to never happen to be the husband that you know you could be? Why not start right now being that selfless hero?

Why on earth would we not show our wife this kind, generous, comforting side of ourselves right now while she can see it and appreciate it? It’s like buying her the beautiful painting that she’s always loved but deciding to only give it to her if she loses her eyesight.

Turn on that caring, selfless side of you right now. It might just make her fall deeper in love with you, and that’s something you don’t want to delay.