Who's In Charge Here?


Once upon a time, parents used to decide what their families would do on weekends. Parents would plan trips like camping, boating, or barbecuing with friends. Adults used to have friends they actually enjoyed spending time with, and all the kids learned to get along and play together.

Then travel sports and gymnastics crept into our lives, and every parent decided that their kid could (and should!) be a professional athlete.

We awoke one morning to discover we “don’t have time” to exercise when we want, or join a men’s group, or lay in the hammock anymore. In fact, we aren’t even sure who our friends are. We just drive our kids to their events, and all the adults learn to get along and play together.

This might be why men today are isolated, depressed, angry, and addicted. We put 8-year olds at the helm and then wonder why our lives are unfulfilling.

Maybe it’s time to limit your kid’s social life and start working on your own. Here’s some tough love: They’re not going pro. And what they need more than year-round training is to see their parents healthy and happy and leading by example.