You Already Know

We all know how to get in shape. We know to eat vegetables and fruits. We know to cut out pizza and burgers. We know to exercise daily. We know to spend less money than we make. We know we should read more. We know the importance of eight hours of sleep. We know to change our air filters, and we know to floss our teeth.

Knowledge is not the problem. We know exactly what we should do. There’s nothing that a book about fitness or finances or health really has to offer you. Knowledge ain’t the problem.

There’s obviously a disconnect between what we know and what we do. And that disconnect is called weakness. When you eat donuts and skip workouts, overspend, and “forget” to floss, it’s because of weakness. Your body controlled your mind.

The way you get stronger mentally is the same way you get stronger physically – gradual improvement through regular exercises.

Gradually replace fast food with apples and carrots. Consistently make small contributions into an investment account. Shoot for just thirty extra minutes of sleep, and start reading for just ten minutes a day. It’s what we do that defines us, not what we know.