Your Hero Narrative

A friend told me that his mentor had him write a “hero narrative” of his life. A story where everything is a smashing success and all dreams come true. Then he had to write a “mediocre narrative” in which he took no risks - a story of the ordinary and the unexceptional. Lastly, he wrote a “failure narrative” in which he made every wrong choice possible and destroyed his relationships, finances, and dreams.

We can get so busy in life thinking about the best route to avoid traffic, what to eat for lunch, and whether or not we should work out that we miss the bigger story of our lives that is unfolding each day.

The “failure narrative” may seem far beneath us, or maybe we’ve come through it already, and we’re just thankful to be writing a new chapter, but it’s that “mediocre narrative” that we have to watch out for. Mediocrity is insidious. It’s what happens to us by default.

Living out our “hero narrative” takes effort. It takes vision and risk, and we won’t achieve it if we don’t even know what it looks like. So write out your “hero narrative” today. Then live it.