Your Mission

Do your ears perk up when someone says they’ve got a “mission” for you? I think there’s something in us that flips on like a switch when we’re given a “mission.” A secret mission? Even better! Something inside our soul longs to have a purpose, some sort of noble endeavor that we alone have been entrusted to carry out.

In every great storyline the protagonist has a mission. There’s always a compelling reason for the main character to get off the couch. If there were no mission then the story would be pointless.

CAUTION! HARD QUESTION AHEAD:  Do you have a mission in your own life or is your story pointless?

In order for your story to be compelling you must have a mission that is bigger than yourself. Pursuing personal pleasure is the classic recipe for a depressed and wasted life. But when we pursue a mission to help someone else we end up finding true happiness.

Throw your energy and resources behind an amazing mission like Amoveo Group, or Compassion International. Find a calling that you are passionate about and make it your mission!