Your Top Priorities


Write down the three most important things in your life. Literally. With paper and pen. This is a list of your priorities. Now invest your time and energy in those things. Not golf, Facebook, or watching sports on television.

If your goal is greatness, then you have to prioritize accordingly. Priority means the most important thing. You can’t have lots of priorities. You can’t make everything #1.

Say no to stuff that is not written on your list. If one of your priorities is your marriage (and if you’re married, then it better be) then choose weekly dates with your wife over sitting on the couch for three hours watching your favorite team play. That’s how you make your marriage great.

There are lots of entertaining distractions in our world that will destroy our priorities if we let them take over our time.

If we don’t start saying no a lot more often to our favorite distractions, then we’ll be mediocre dads with struggling marriages who are really good at our hobbies. If we are to be great men, then we must focus on our priorities and tune out the rest.

Next week:  Including your kids in your hobbies