Healthy Water


How well do you think a trout would do living in nasty water clouded with fast-food wrappers and cigarette butts? It might eke out an existence but it definitely couldn’t thrive. It couldn’t live as it was designed.

Your soul is like that trout, and your body is the water in which it lives. Fitness isn’t just something for jocks and narcissists; fitness is important for your soul.

Cleaning up the waters of our daily life means cutting out the junk food and exercising daily our cardio, muscles, endurance, and speed. Not just for the sake of our body, but because our body is where our soul resides. We do it to give our soul the healthiest possible dwelling place.

With a body and soul that are both healthy and thriving we are able to positively influence those around us. We’ll breathe easier, sleep better, and be in a better position to help others.

Fitness is a free gift we should all give to our soul.

Consistency Counts


Getting fit and saving money have a lot in common.

Saving money from just one paycheck per year will not prepare you for retirement. It takes consistently saving small amounts over a long period of time to reach your goals. They don’t have to be large sums; they just have to be made consistently whether you feel like it or not. Small deposits made consistently will change your future.

Likewise, doing one really big workout per week will not get you in shape. It takes consistently working out a little each day whether you feel like it or not. Small workouts done regularly will change your future.

Compound interest works for fitness the same way it works with money.  The small deposits that we make over a long period of time add up in a huge way.

So workout when you have a cold, when the weather sucks, when you’re traveling, or when you only have 10 minutes. If we only workout (or save money) when it’s convenient then we will never reach our goals.

Consistently grinding out the reps and logging the miles will set you apart.  Keep making those deposits and you will change your future.

Fix the Problem

  My '09 Dodge Ram

My '09 Dodge Ram

I know a guy who said he couldn’t jog anymore because of knee pain. Been hurting for years, he said. When I asked if he had seen a doctor about it he said that was too much trouble. “More trouble than not being able to run for the rest of your life?” I asked.

He wasn’t thinking clearly. That much was obvious. He was an active guy who worked out and had young kids, but he was willing to live with pain forever rather than go to a professional who fixes a dozen knees like his every week.

It’s easy to see the error in this guy’s thinking, but sadly, many men commit the same error when it comes to their marriage. They choose to live in pain rather than confront a fixable problem.

Not getting help for a bad marriage or a hidden addiction is unhealthy thinking. Professionals fix a dozen problems like this every week. Choosing to remain broken is a form of laziness. Getting better requires effort. And real men make the effort.

As men, we fix things. We fix our trucks when they aren’t running smoothly, and we had better fix our relationships (and our knees) too!