Buying Happiness


The verdict is in – money can buy happiness. But maybe not in the way that you’d think.

There’s no item in the world that can bring happiness just by owning it. Buying a Breitling Transocean or a Mercedes-Benz GL63 won’t bring you lasting happiness. Sure these things make you feel good about yourself, but that’s different from happiness because that good feeling disappears when you take off the watch or when the car gets old. Poof! The feeling is gone.

There is however, a way to buy happiness that will last for the rest of your life. Want to know the secret? Buy memories.

Money spent creating fun memories really does buy lasting happiness. A beach vacation or Disney cruise while the kids are little will keep you smiling even when you’re in a rest home. And great memories don’t care how expensive something is. We’ve made priceless memories at the lake playing in a cheap, used ski boat. For the price of a Rolex just imagine the memories you could make bungee jumping in New Zealand*!

Forget watches and cars – buy memories! Go places and do things with the people you love. That’s how you buy happiness!



*So I’ve heard...

Get Your Shoes On


A few weeks ago our whole family was arguing. Everyone was irritable and unpleasant. Kids were scattered around the living room and kitchen on various electronic devices, and my wife and I were back and forth between our phones and raising our voices at our kids. It wasn’t pretty.

I believe deeply that we weren’t designed to live indoors staring at electric screens.

So I said, “That’s it! Everyone get on your shoes. We’re going for a walk.” There were a few grumbles, but within minutes we were all outside, and walking a trail beneath the trees.

The power that nature has to transform our moods is nothing short of miraculous. After listening to birds, looking at trees, and feeling the sun and wind against our skin, we were an entirely different bunch than we were before.

The therapeutic power of walking outside can transform us. It reinvigorates our souls and it releases our minds from their everyday indoor-worries. It’s earned the title “Great Outdoors” for a reason.

If your fast-paced schedule is squeezing the life out of you, and your kids are at each other’s throats, maybe it’s time you tell everyone to get their shoes on.

Versions of You


Have you ever considered how many versions of yourself there are? The work you. The family you. The business trip you. The you that only pretends to care. The secret you…

One thing is for sure – you cannot give 100% to all of those versions. And the more versions there are, the less of your best each one will get.

But just as you created them you can also destroy them. Fire the version of you that acts differently at work. Terminate the you that’s texting with that other woman. Kill the you with that "other" email account. Those versions will destroy the most important version of you – the one you want talked about at your funeral.

Cut yourself loose from those false versions that entangle you. They appear harmless and exciting at first, but they’re a deadly snare that will ultimately own you; those other versions of you will eventually become you.

Imagine the impact you’d make in life if there was only one version of you. A you that’s the exact same at work, church, and home. A you that’s running on all cylinders – your 100% best. Go “all in” on the only version of you that matters.