The Yes Man


Whenever you say yes to something you give it a piece of your time – essentially a piece of your life. You can either give your life away in small pieces to 100 trifling endeavors like an amateur, or you can be great at one or two things like a pro.

Even good, noble things will rob you of your life one little piece at a time if you let them. I love backpacking, fly fishing, deer hunting, reading, sailing, cycling, and soccer. But I can’t say yes to all of that, plus be involved in my church men’s group, and my kid’s sports, and dates with my wife. Not to mention my job. Clearly, we can’t do everything we want to do.

Every time we say yes to something we’re hooked by it. And the more hooks we have with lines going to all these things we’ve said yes to make us become puppets.

Cut ties with the old amateur you that said yes to everything. Say yes only to your top three endeavors. Say yes only to the things that you can't live without.

Tap Out


When I first started martial arts I’d hold out as long as I could before tapping out. That resulted in a lot of days with a really sore arm or throat. When you are in a chokehold or an arm bar the best thing that you can do is tap out early. Trying to stay as long as you can in a bad situation will only result in pain and injury.

Sometimes life gets us in a choke hold, too. There are a lot of people with emotional and financial scars of regret because they didn’t tap out when they should have.

As soon as you realize that your girlfriend is not the one for you, or you picked the wrong major, or you’re with the wrong crowd, or your job is crushing your soul - tap out!

The sooner you stop going down the wrong path the better. Tap out early and stop wasting your time and money on pointless endeavors and unhealthy relationships. Save your fighting spirit for things that truly matter.

You don’t get any points in life for seeing how long you can stay in a bad situation.

You Already Know

We all know how to get in shape. We know to eat vegetables and fruits. We know to cut out pizza and burgers. We know to exercise daily. We know to spend less money than we make. We know we should read more. We know the importance of eight hours of sleep. We know to change our air filters, and we know to floss our teeth.

Knowledge is not the problem. We know exactly what we should do. There’s nothing that a book about fitness or finances or health really has to offer you. Knowledge ain’t the problem.

There’s obviously a disconnect between what we know and what we do. And that disconnect is called weakness. When you eat donuts and skip workouts, overspend, and “forget” to floss, it’s because of weakness. Your body controlled your mind.

The way you get stronger mentally is the same way you get stronger physically – gradual improvement through regular exercises.

Gradually replace fast food with apples and carrots. Consistently make small contributions into an investment account. Shoot for just thirty extra minutes of sleep, and start reading for just ten minutes a day. It’s what we do that defines us, not what we know.