The War On Men

There is absolutely nothing toxic about masculinity – or femininityIt’s actually the lack of these qualities that is toxic. We need more masculine men, and more feminine women, not confused individuals floundering somewhere in the middle.

As men we ought to be proud of our masculinity and bring its finest qualities to the surface. Real masculinity protects and provides for families. It takes the most dangerous jobs in society, and it literally builds civilizations.

Likewise, women should be proud of their beautiful and unique femininity and vigorously protect it from the confused men who attempt to hijack it.

A society flourishes when women do what they naturally do best, and men do what they naturally do best. No one wins when each gender does a semi-tolerable job of the others role just to prove they can do it.

There have always been evil men who cause harm, but there have always been more good men then there are bad. Don’t allow society to shame you into acting less masculine. Shine your light of masculinity into the darkness of gender confusion and misandry. Shine it bright and clear for our confused culture to see the example of a good man.

Take The Lead


I’ve got some bad news: You’re not the perfect leader. Neither am I.

Neither of us will probably ever lead a Fortune 500 company or a nation. We might never speak to a crowded auditorium or lead a team to a championship.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not leaders.

Too often in life men remain on the sideline because they think they don’t have what it takes. Maybe they failed once and now they listen to the voice that says they’re not good enough. They believe the lie that they have no business trying to lead others when they have already failed themselves.

The truth is that we’re only a failure if we stay on the sideline. If we learn from our past and get back in the game then we are leaders. And the world needs more good men taking the lead.

I’ve got some good news: No leader in history has been perfect. So we’re just as qualified as anyone!

Lead like you are your son’s role model of manhood. Lead like you’re teaching your daughter how a man should treat her. You are the best leader your family will ever have. Lead like it.

More Than Just A Good Man


In The Way of Men, Jack Donovan, differentiates between being a good man and being good at being a man.

If you ask people what it means to be a man you will hear answers like: “A real man is kind and loving.” “A real man spends time with his kids.” “A real man keeps his word.”

But aren’t those statements equally true of “good women”?  Aren’t they kind, loving, family oriented, and trustworthy?

Statements like, “A real man would never hit a woman,” isn’t describing a real man, it’s describing a good man. It’s certainly possible to be honest and kind and be a total sissy. And it’s equally possible to be strong and manly and be evil. As Donovan points out, we wouldn’t label assassins, gangsters, or fighters as unmanly simply because they act immorally.

We should strive to be good men, but we must also be good at being men.  It’s not enough just to be kind and honest – so are women! We must also be good at being men. Protecting. Providing. Romancing.

Set the examples of strength and honor. You have to actually be a man, before you can be a good man.