Sheepdogs III: Wives & Guns

I know men who don’t own a firearm simply because their wife is afraid of guns.

If your wife were afraid of water would you forbid your entire family from ever going to the pool? Or would you teach them how to swim?

You should have a healthy respect for the dangers of water, but you should also learn to swim in it, because it’s a skill that might save your life someday.

The same is true for guns. A man who doesn’t own a gun simply because his wife is afraid of them isn’t helping anyone. He’s allowing fear, rather than logic, to rule. He’s enabling her phobia.

Sheep are afraid of fangs because they associate them with wolves. But disarming the sheepdog is not the right answer.

As men it’s our job to protect our family from evil people. And evil people do exist.

If your wife is afraid to have a gun in the house, respect her feelings, but ask her to also respect your role as sheepdog. And as for that water analogy, inform your wife that swimming pools are far more deadly than firearms.

When it comes to protecting your family – follow your sheepdog instincts.

Sheepdogs II: Important Gear


We men love our gear. We’re drawn towards cool new pieces of gear like moths to a Tesla Rechargeable Arc Lighter. We even love to show off the gear we carry every day.  We want to be ready for any emergency. If the power goes out, if we get attacked, or if we need to start a fire, we’re ready with a great piece of gear!

So what’s the most important piece of gear? Upon which single item do all your chances of survival depend? Answer: Your body.

To be effective in any emergency your body must be as well maintained as your gear. You might carry a Benchmade knife and concealed 9mm, but if you go into cardiac arrest because you spend more time on the computer than at the gym, it’s all for nothing.

There’s no gear you can purchase that will make up for a lack of endurance or strength.

As a sheepdog you need to be ready to protect your family. You, not your gear, will be the determining factor. This means keeping your batteries charged, and your engine properly fueled. Start viewing your body as your emergency gear and begin honing it into shape.



Dave Grossman’s influential book, On Combat, delivered the notion that there are three kinds of people: wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs. Wolves are evil people. Sheep are the average folks. Sheepdogs are those who stay alert to the wolves and are willing to fight to protect the sheep.

All husbands and fathers need to be sheepdogs. We should be alert defenders whose eyes are wide open to the evil that exists in this world and who will not hesitate to meet that evil with a violence of action. For unlike sheep, the sheepdog has large canines and powerful jaws. They are wired to protect.

While sheep need the sheepdog, they are also unnerved at the mere sight of them because they serve as a reminder that evil exists. And sheep would rather pretend there is no danger so they can be oblivious and happy.

We men don’t get that luxury. We can’t bury our head in the sand and pretend that bad guys don’t exist. We’re wired to protect.

Over the next three weeks I’ll cover some specific ways to become a better sheepdog.

Strong dads make strong families, and strong families make a strong nation.