About David Mills

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2001 and I've been an officer in the US Air Force ever since. I married my college sweetheart and we've been traveling the world together raising our two sons and our daughter.

But it hasn't all been easy. I've had struggles and problems. I've hit difficulties that I thought only "other" people faced. Through it all I learned how to talk about my issues and address them head on. I learned that I'm not perfect and neither is anyone else. I also learned that hardships are meant to be shared with others. Life is a team sport.

I love hiking in the mountains and fly fishing for trout. I feel closer to God when I'm in nature than I do in church. So far my highest peaks are Pikes Peak in Colorado and Mt. Fuji in Japan. But I dream of one day hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro. There's something about attempting things that are so big they scare you a little - you're not sure if you can do them.

That's how I felt when I first registered for an Ironman triathlon. I had no idea if I could swim 2.4 miles, bike 112, and run 26.2. I love the sport of triathlon although these days I'm do more crossfit-type workouts. Most recently I have gotten hooked on rucking and completed a GoRuck Heavy in 2017.  

In everything that I do I look for ways to include my kids. Whether I'm taking them hiking, rucking, camping, hunting, or fishing we love spending time together outside.

I discovered my calling a few years ago to become a counselor. I'm passionate about helping veterans overcome addiction, depression, PTSD, and marriage problems. So I'm currently working towards a Masters in Social Work to pursue that career whenever I leave the Air Force.

David Mills


Here's a book that I wrote while I was balancing family, military deployment, and training for my second Ironman triathlon.  


The Distance by David Mills

Have you ever watched those crazy people on TV as they compete in a grueling full-distance triathlon? In the back of your mind, have you ever wondered, "Could I do that?" What if you actually set out to answer that question? Well, here's my story as an average guy who decided to find out that answer. Turns out it changed my life, and made for a pretty cool story...

“This is a very effective and informative guide for a new athlete who has the goal of completing their first Ironman. As a 5x Ironman Champion and mother of three, I really appreciated David’s Christian perspective and how he candidly kept this perspective and balance in his life while training for this very time consuming and vigorous event. He did a fabulous job detailing what it takes to be called an ‘Ironman’.”

Heather Gollnick
Professional Triathlete
5x Ironman Champion

“Achieving a balance between, faith, family, vocation, and training is a challenging feat for any age group triathlete. This book can help make the difference between becoming an ironman and becoming a divorcee.”

T. Bradley Edwards, MD
Husband, Father, Surgeon, Ironman

“As an Ironman finisher, I found this book captured the essence of Ironman. Dave cleverly intertwines humor, spirituality, instruction and emotion to make a truly inspiring and entertaining read. This book will have you believing that you too can become an Ironman!”

Todd Lundberg
Husband, Engineer, 2x Ironman

“I want everyone to know that had it not been for Dave Mills and his book “The Distance” I would never have even considered registering and training for an Ironman. Check out the book “The Distance.” It will inspire you to think big!”

Chris Peisher
Husband, Father, Engineer, Ironman

“David’s book grabs you and compels you to live out a better story with your life.”

Brian Bloye
Lead Pastor of West Ridge Church, Dallas, GA

“Before meeting Dave and reading his book, I never would have thought that I would finish a triathlon. I would not even have known how to begin preparing for one. In his book , The Distance, Dave offers valuable advice not only about how to prepare and what to expect, but most importantly how to fit triathlon training into a busy work and family life. This book was entertaining, inspiring, and informative to me as a new triathlete.”

Gabe Toms
Husband, Father, Pharmacist, Ironman 70.3 Finisher

“Before I read David’s book The Distance, I had not entered a 5k in several years. I had never swam more than 50 yards at a time or biked more than 25 miles. Dave’s story inspired me to lace up my shoes again and train for one of the toughest single-day endurance events in the world. After a year of training, I found myself crossing the Ironman Louisville finish line.“

Ben Lesley
Husband, Father, Ironman

“This book put into perspective my life and Ironman. I became satisfied with the fact that the rest of my life is as important, and my family certainly more, than a good Ironman time.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about participating in this great event and might be doubting if they have the time or ability to do it. We can all do it, and it feels great even at 16+ hours.
Dave’s book was inspiring for someone who is not a competitor but just wants to finish honorably, a bit older (48), and has a busy life.”

Roberto Argentina
Chef and Proprietor at Farm Artisan Foods, Ironman

“A perfect inspiration for anyone who has even a kindling desire to become an Ironman. In this book, Dave uses humor and personal experiences to capture the spirits of humilty, determination, excitement and incredible grit that will leave no doubt in the mind of the reader about doing an Ironman.”

Jennifer Lundberg
Wife, Doctor, 2x Ironman